A Guide to Buying a Holiday Home in Thailand

If you and your partner have already put your kids through university and the mortgage is paid off, this is the perfect time to invest in a second home, one that you can use as a holiday recluse. One of the most popular destinations for holiday homes is the South East Asian country of Thailand, as this tropical paradise has a low cost of living and offers luxury properties at reasonable prices.

Gated Housing Compounds
Ideally, you want your holiday home to be in a secure housing development, as this guarantees security all year round and with A-West Property having stunning single storey homes set in a lakeside setting in Chonburi, you have the perfect holiday home. There are many benefits to living in a gated community; especially when you have flown back home in the summer, as your home will be secure.

There are lots of amenities within such a development, which might include:

  • Swimming pool & fitness centre.
  • Massage parlour.
  • Several restaurants.
  • Convenience stores.
  • Laundry service.
  • Medical centre.
  • Ample parking.

Living in a gated community offers you everything you need to be comfortable and there are some stunning beaches in Chonburi, plus a host of amazing Buddhist temples and local attractions.

Compare Packages
There are some amazing deals to be had when buying real estate in Thailand; you could, for example, pay absolutely nothing for 3 whole years, while some developers offer low-interest home loans. Search with Google and create a shortlist of housing developments and start by browsing websites and visit some of the promising developments until you find the perfect holiday home.

Spending Time in an Area
Let’s imagine you have your sights on the Eastern Seaboard, you could rent a home along the coast in Rayong for a week or two, then rent a small bike and go and explore the area. It takes a while to scope out a region to see if it is suitable, but that could save you from making a mistake. It is cheap to rent a property for a few months and that is a better solution that simply taking a chance and buying a property without researching the surrounding area.

Property Management
You might prefer to spend half the year at home and escape the winter by living in your Thai holiday home and this does present a chance to make a good income by allowing the property management company to rent out your home when not in use. They will also take care of all maintenance and repairs, looking after the property during the months you are away.