Harbour Cranes

Industrial cranes are increasing in demand, and industries demand different types of cranes for their construction, transportation, or shipping projects. Different types of cranes have become important pieces of equipment in modern-day ports or shipyard industries. Harbour cranes are the most essential, powerful, and flexible equipment in shipyards and ports. Harbour crane’s flexibility enables the industry to use cranes for loading and unloading heavy containers and benefit the industry by providing a safe environment, affordable operating cost, and improved load control. This results in the industry fulfilling its work objectives efficiently and effectively. Harbour cranes are used to perform different tasks in ports and shipyards. Website Van Adrighem offers a variety of crane options including harbour cranes to meet every customer need.

Ports are located at the edge of large rivers, lakes, and oceans. They are the sectors for receiving ships and transferring the cargo into various destinations or different transport methods. They require different machinery for lifting different weights to and from ships or different heights. Shipyards are facilities where ships are repaired, build, and scrapped.

Application of harbor cranes in Ports

Harbour cranes at the ports are used for stacking containers, container handling, bulk handling, heavy lifting, scrap handling, and cargo handling.

  • Container handling

Many containers are shipped every year worldwide, and the increasing size of the vessels requires powerful and efficient machinery for load handling. Harbour cranes assure all containers, regardless of their sizes, are well handled. They offer movability, powerful lifting capabilities of up to 200 tons, and flexibility to access any location in a container terminal.

  • Stacking

Due to harbour crane’s flexibility and ability to lift heavy objects, they are used for stacking containers at the container terminal whether a 20 feet 40 feet container or two 40 feet containers in a twin lift, serving all types of containers. Harbour cranes’ adaptability to the conditions and challenges of a container terminal enables an increase in load handling at the terminal.

  • Bulk handling

Adrighem harbour cranes are ideal for any harbour bulk handling of any type of materials. Every port requires efficient and reliable means of handling bulk loads. Harbour cranes are reliable and efficient for loading, unloading, and storing bulk goods at the terminals. They offer high working speed and performance and are ideal for multipurpose terminals thus increase productivity and safety.

  • Cargo handling

Harbour cranes’ full flexibility, powerful lifting capabilities, and performance enable bulk cargo handling from ship to ship or any other type of vessel served. They are fitted with various lifting gears that can be changed within a minute depending on the nature of the cargo lift.

Choose the right harbour crane to meet your task objectives, and increased productivity for your operations.


Harbour cranes are designed to serve all types of vessels, terminals, handle any kind of cargo, and adapt to different conditions at the port. Visit Adrighem group, professionals, and experts in various cranes, and meet your requirements on cargo handling, bulk handling, scrap handling, and heavy lifting capabilities.