Saving Money While Moving

Moving can be a rejuvenating experience. You are hopefully moving on to a better position in your career and you are relocating for a new abode. With the ideas and strategies on packing out of the way, it is time to concentrate on ways to save money while moving.

The following strategies are designed to help you move efficiently without your paycheck taking a hit.

Off Season

Moving can be expensive. If you can swing it, try to move during the off-season. This would be the months between October and April. Moving during this time is not preferable because of the climate. During the months of summer, moving companies charge a higher rate because there is a greater demand for their services. During the off-season months, the moving companies will drastically drop their prices because the demand is lower.

Donate That Which You Do Not Need

This is the fun part of moving. Separate your belongings into three piles: keep, sell, donate. Anything outside of these three categories is most likely trash. However, if you have items to donate or sell, you will lighten your moving load and reduce costs. Plus, if you plan on having a yard sale, you can use the extra cash to help with moving expenses.

Downsizing prepares you to be more organized in your new home. It is a lot easier to start out fresh with the things you need less the items you sold or donated. Donate your food to a local food pantry. If you furniture that you don’t wish to take with you, take it to a local thrift shop. You can also write off the value of donations on your taxes.

Rent That Truck!

The cheapest way to move is to simply do it yourself. Well…yourself and some friends or family. Hiring North American Van Lines is definitely more costly, but not having to worry about it all is worth it in some cases. There is no way around the fact that the most cost-efficient way of moving is to roll up the sleeves and do it yourself. Take time, though. Plan and be patient. If you rush things, chances are the plans and strategies will become muddled and you will have a confusing, more complicated move.

Pack things before the move. Take the time to separate what you want to take, and then divide your other items into sell, donate, or trash. Once the things are packed and labeled, begin visualizing how you want the truck to be loaded. It helps to draw on a piece of paper how you think it should be organized in the rental truck from front to back. Furniture is best stored in the front of the truck where boxes are usually stored toward the back. This way, you can load the heavy furniture first and unload it last. Remember: small boxes for potentially heavy things such as books; big boxes for linen is a good choice.

Moving Containers

A trend for the past 10 years has been the advent of a moving container. This helps if you have a big window of time to pack and move. You rent a large sized container from a moving container company and then load it as if it were a truck. You fill this container at your own pace, giving you plenty of time to accomplish the tasks surrounding the actual move.

After the container is full, the moving company will then move the container to your new home. Once the container is empty, the moving company will then take the container from your location. Containers are typically rented at a lower cost than utilizing a moving company.

Packing Supplies

The moving company will offer packing supplies. Reject this offer and find packing supplies on your own. You will save money which is the optimal goal.

Moving can be fun, but expensive. These strategies will help you move efficiently and with minimal cost.